QED (Quality in Enterprise Development) is a biztech conference where tech,  business leaders, and industry experts meet to learn, connect, and have fun. QED2022 will take place in 5* Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera in Petrčane near Zadar, from May 22nd till May 24th.

It’s been two years since we started preparing QED 20/20 themed “Vision”. 

Our minds were racing, we wanted to discuss how easy it is to have a clear understanding of the past events.

How easy it is to have all the right answers after everything has been said and done. How hindsight will 20/20 always be! We focused on the future and on how to visualize it clearly.

And then COVID-19 came, proving to us all (Q.E.D.!) that we definitely need to talk about the visions of the future!

We all agree that our success (success of our organizations and projects) is directly related to our readiness to change. Nassim Taleb would talk about anti-fragility. Environmentalists would call for sustainability. Youngsters would say “be ahead of your time”, be the best you can be, and be “generational”.

Irrelevant of the perspective we take, we want to build systems, services, and organizations to be future-proof.

The motivation is clear, but the key question remains – HOW do we do that? What did we learn from time-resistant ideas? How can modern technology help us? And, how do our mindsets need to adjust to continuously and successfully future-proof ourselves and our environment? 

Let’s learn and be future-proof together!

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