The schedule for QED2022 is out – hurry up and get your ticket!

This year we will focus on ideas that stand the test of time. The ones that make our organizations truly “future-proof”. We know that organizations are sociotechnical organisms, so we’ll tackle the topic from both technical and organizational angles.

How should our organization be structured?
How should our teams interact?

We will hear some great ideas from our keynote speakers.

Heidi Helfand, the author of Dynamic Reteaming, will talk about the principles and patterns of introducing changes to our teams. Our old friends Manuel Pais and Matthew Skelton, authors of Team Topologies, will share something completely new they have been working on these days – an interactive talk on remote team interactions.

Which technology will give us a head start?

Let’s not forget about technology. Carefully selected technology is behind every organizational success.

We will talk about addressing customer needs in real-time using Event Streaming techniques, implementing Cognitive Automation in existing systems by using AI features and detecting anomalies in our systems using AI. All these scenarios generate a lot of data so we will talk about Data Governance, especially in the context of Event Streaming.

With DORA performance metrics being relevant more than ever, we will cover the topics of automating the delivery process, managing APIs as building blocks that make up our business and implementing security as a part of our delivery process.

Don’t miss the painful topic of onboarding new people to the organization and teams. Can we have new colleagues hit the ground running from Day 1? We have our opinion on this (and a solution called Kustodian! :), but we want to hear your thoughts and challenges.

Check out the official QED schedule here.