Remote Team Interactions with Team Topologies – Manuel Pais and Matthew Skelton

Besides Heidi Helfand, who will talk about dynamic reteaming, our keynote speakers at QED2022 will also be our old friends Manuel Pais and Matthew Skelton, authors of Team Topologies. They will share something completely new they have been working on these days – an interactive talk on remote team interactions. All of us certainly encountered some challenges while adapting to remote work and team interactions. Manuel and Matthew will demonstrate some of these challenges and offer practical solutions. 

Manuel Pais & Matthew Skelton

Matthew is Head of Consulting at Conflux and specializes in Continuous Delivery, operability, and organization dynamics for modern software systems, while Manuel is an independent IT organizational consultant and trainer focused on team interactions, delivery practices, and accelerating flow. Their book, Team Topologies: organizing business and technology teams for fast flow, provides a practical, step-by-step, adaptive model for organizational design and team interaction. 

Our cooperation goes back to when Manuel was a keynote speaker at QEDx, the online edition of QED in 2020. He talked about playing Tetris and the cognitive load – precisely, he made an analogy to software delivery and software operations. When talking about Team Topologies and cognitive load, we cannot skip the real-life examples and valuable industry insights on implementing Team Topologies patterns. Check out our case study on building a successful platform team and how it helped improve our organization.